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Our Mission

Our goal is to unite animal lovers, creating a community that works together to provide a better, healthier life for the animals we love and their families.


   Meet The Founders

The FurFounders are a group of extraordinary humans that came together to for With the help of these guys and the wonderful board members is able to GIVE BACK to countless FurFamilies in need!
Brady Moon
Brady currently resides in Pocatello, Idaho where he attended Idaho State University and developed a love for the outdoors and animals. Brady is the middle child of five kids and grew up in a home where their golden retrievers and toy poodles were part of the family. Brady is a working professional in the Safety Industry as a Health Physics Technician. While going to college Brady gained supervisory experience in several job roles, including working with troubled youth and managing skilled labor employees. In 2015, Brady made the decision to grow his family by adopting a beautiful Great Dane, Moonshine, “Shine”. Brady rescued Shine from a puppy farm where she was likely abused and mistreated. It was reported that she had been bred far too early in her puppy years and had lost nearly all of her puppies. After rescuing Shine, Brady continuously worked with her to improve social skills, as she was skittish and afraid of men. It didn’t take long before Shine and Brady became best friends! Realizing what an impact Brady was able to make in the life of such an amazing dog, in early 2016 Brady came across another opportunity to rescue Rocky, a brindle Dane. Shine was elated to have a FurFriend join the family, Shine and Rocky quickly became not only best friends but family. Since adopting the Danes, Brady has decided to make it his life's mission to help families, rescues and shelters to provide a better life for their furry friends.
Matt Bloxham
Matt is the oldest of two siblings, a sister, Shannon and brother, Cody. Matt’s best friend growing up was a Yellow Labrador named Cash. Matt currently lives in Pocatello, Idaho where he attended university and eventually received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Care Administration from Idaho State University. During his time at ISU Matt also completed a Master of Business Administration, worked as a business consultant for Bengal Solutions through the College of Business, and served two terms as the Student Body President. Matt also worked with the Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce on a community-wide wellness initiative in cooperation with the Portneuf Health Trust. He currently owns and operates a medical staffing and billing company and works as the practice administrator for Medical Specialties of Idaho. Here he employs several staff and operates a mixed specialty physician clinic. He also, owns and operates a local property management and product sales business. In addition to being a motivated businessman, Matt currently serves with numerous volunteer organizations including Portneuf Rotary and is a member of the Portneuf Valley Pride Board of Directors. In his free time, Matt enjoys supporting ISU Bengal Athletics, giving back in his community, being politically involved and spending time enjoying the great Idaho outdoors.
   Meet the Board

We are so thankful to have such an amazing board, please take a few minutes to get to know these wonderful humans. Without this crew we wouldn’t be who we are today!
Stephanie Adams
Board of Directors
My name is Stephanie Adams. I grew up in Colorado and I am a graduate of Idaho State University. My interest in working with animals was sparked by volunteering at the Pocatello Zoo—just to see if I would like it. I must have been a good volunteer because they hired me soon after. After working for the Pocatello Zoo for 3 years during college, I went on to work at a few more zoos across the country including The Fort Worth Zoo in Texas and The Naples Zoo in Florida. After a job as a veterinary technician, I found myself managing the Pensacola Pet Resort in Pensacola, Florida. I moved back to Pocatello with my husband, Jason, in 2008 when he took a job with a local engineering firm. Having a mix of pets (a dog, cat, and bird), I noticed that there was no single place I could board all three of them. That is when we decided to start Pocatello Pet Lodge. We are enjoying our 7th year in business! Just in time for our 7th Birthday we purchased our permanent location! We are thrilled to have a "forever home". Pocatello Pet Lodge is an upscale boarding facility that is open to dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small animals. Pets can now experience the lap of luxury when their families go on vacation, or even if they are just going to work.
Julie Hale
Board of Directors
I am originally from North Carolina and have lived in Pocatello since 2008. I have a wonderful husband, Justin. We have three beautiful children; Zoe, Levi, and Jonah. As a family we love to go camping, watch movies, and spend time with friends. We have three FurBabies. A Chihuahua named Taco, a beagle named Lucy, and a cat we call Chaps. When I’m not working or with my family I enjoy photography, painting, playing the piano and working with the awesome people of FurFam. I have been a Veterinary Technician on and off for ten years. I have always had a love for animals and had many pets growing up. Being a Vet Tech has increased my compassion for animals and my desire to care for people's beloved pets. This is why I am so excited to join the FurFam team and help FurFamilies everywhere. There is a huge need for the services that FurFam is offering, I have seen it firsthand many times as a Vet Tech. I am excited to see how many families FurFam is able to help!
Anjel Zamora
Board of Directors
Anjel grew up in Idaho’s beautiful Teton Valley. He is the second oldest of five children. He always strives to be the best son, brother, uncle and friend to the people in his life. He completed his Bachelors of Science Degree in Microbiology with a Chemistry minor from Idaho State University in 2013. When he is not out exploring the outdoors, Anjel loves relaxing with his great friends and family. Anjel was a first generation college graduate in his family and he strongly believes that education is the greatest universal equalizer and that anyone can truly fulfill their educational goals if they put their mind into it. He currently works with the TRiO Program to help high school students find success in their post secondary educational endeavors.