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FurFam Emergency Fund The Emergency Fund that never runs out!

For Veterinary Clinics & Animal Hospitals

Does your clinic have patients with limited finances or fixed incomes that struggle to provide the care their animals need?

Does your clinic lose profits because of a patient’s inability to pay?

Does your clinic have a program set up for these situations?

If you have an existing Emergency Fund, do your clients who use the fund help replenish the money used?

At FurFam we believe that “Pets are Family”. We also believe people shouldn’t have to choose between putting dinner on the table and caring for their pet due to financial hardship. By setting up an Emergency Fund through FurFam, your clinic will have exclusive access to your funds and will benefit in several ways including:

  1. Utilize our online platform for one time and recurring donations to your fund
  2. Easily share your fund via social media with friends, family, clients and donors to raise money
  3. Additional benefits of partnering with a 501(c)(3) organization. Clients contributing to your clinic, will receive a tax deductible donation receipt.  

In order to qualify for emergency funding, your client sets up a crowdfunding campaign that they share via their social media to help raise money to replace the money being used for their animals’ emergency. This is the ‘pay it forward’ action that helps to ensure that your clinics’ Emergency Fund never runs out.  

FurFam can also help your clients find a way out of high interest debt situations that came about due to animal related emergencies. FurFam can assist your clients, who are using credit programs, in setting up personal crowdfunding campaigns to help them raise money to pay for their pets care.  

By setting up your Emergency Fund, your clinic will be better equipped to show compassion when your clients need it most!

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How It Works

The Veterinarian’s Role:

  • Clinic contacts FurFam to set up an Emergency Fund.
  • Link your Emergency Fund to your website and social media pages.
  • Introduce your clients and potential donors to the Emergency Fund.
  • Help your clients using the fund to set up a fundraising campaign on behalf of your Emergency Fund.
  • Continue to do what you’ve always done, provide quality medical care.
  • After you’ve helped a client, simply submit an online reimbursement form to FurFam and we will reimburse your emergency expenses.

FurFam Provides:

  • Participating Clinics to be listed on FurFams website under their FurFriend Network.
  • A platform where people can donate directly to your clinic’s Emergency Fund.  It is required that individuals using the Fund must create a campaign to help replenish the money being used.
  • A crowdfunding platform to refer clients that don’t qualify for the Emergency funds but use programs like Care Credit.  FurFam will contribute towards eligible campaigns (within our budget), provide tax incentives to their donors and we offer low fees.
  • Tax forms for all donors.
  • An easy method to receive donations online or via the mail.
  • FurFam promotional materials.
  • After receiving your reimbursement form, FurFam will send a check for the amount used.  The Emergency Fund cannot run at a deficit, balance cannot go below zero.  

Participating Clients Agree to:

  • Create a campaign, and share it at least once a week for a month.
  • Invite their family members to help share their campaign.
  • Share pics and videos of their Furbaby with FurFam.
  • Fill out a waiver saying that FurFam can share their story.