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  • Pets – Vets – Owners

    We are a 501(c)(3) pet based nonprofit organization committed to helping families and pets get the care they so desperately need.  Our focus is on solving the dilemma of the pet, the vet and the owner. Pets continue to need love and a home. Veterinarians, as much as they love pets, can’t provide the much needed care for free and the humans that our pets love need a little help sometimes too!

    So whether you are a pet, a vet, an owner, an adoption center, or an animal shelter FurFam has a lot of love to go around!

  • Through our FurFunding Platform we enable pet lovers everywhere to create campaigns to share their needs with their friends and family via their social media networks. Your campaign is then available via our website and is shared with the FurFam Community to help you generate the funding you need to help your pet.

    FurFam is committed to keeping donation and administrative fees low, ensuring that you maximize on the donations that are intended for your pet.

    The best part is that through generous donations, FurFam is able to contribute to campaigns and help FurFamilies everywhere!

  • FurFam is funded by the generous donations of animal lovers, corporate sponsorships, grants and foundations with a similar mission. We are also funded in-part through our Pet Connect and Pay It Forward programs via small recurring donations to Furfam from Pet Connect recipients. In addition, our mission is funded through membership fees and by every FurFam product sold through our Amazon store, clinics and other organizations.
    Your willingness to join our FurFriend network also provides us with volunteers, funding and enables us to continue helping FurFamilies everywhere. Thank you so much!

  • Share – Give – Love

    The best ways to help FurFam continue in our cause is share, give and love. Share our message, our social media, our website and the campaigns of those in need with your friends and family. Give generously by donating and keep on Loving the pets and people around you!

  • We’re glad you asked! Simply follow this link and sign up today. 

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  • At FurFam we believe that “Pets are Family”. We also believe people shouldn’t have to choose between putting dinner on the table and caring for their pet due to financial hardship. This is where the Emergency Fund comes in. If your clinic is participating, you may be eligible to receive funding to help you pay for the care your animal needs. Ask your clinic if they have a FurFam Emergency Fund and refer them to us if they don’t.

  • Tell your clinic manager that you would like them to have a FurFam Emergency Fund and have them contact us here. We can get your clinic up and running as soon as they are ready.

  • Our goal is to help connect those in need with the donors who can help. Through our partnership with Veterinary clinics, pet owners who need help are referred to Pet Connect. Pet Connect allows pet owners to share their story with friends and family. Most importantly, Pet Connect gives pet owners a dedicated space on our website where kind-hearted individuals looking to help animals in need can read their story and donate.

    Pet Connect
  • Yes, even if your Veterinary clinic is not yet a FurFriend you can still create a campaign to share your story. This is the perfect time to refer FurFam to your clinic so we can help more people just like you.

    Keep in mind, FurFam only distributes money to causes that help pets in need. Any money raised must go directly to an animal assistance organization, not individuals.

    Examples include: shelters, clinics and adoption centers.

    Pet Connect
  • All the money raised from every campaign is raised for the goal of helping animals in need. If your animal is no longer in need, then FurFam will help you “Pay It Forward” by making contributions towards other pets in need.

    Pet Connect
  • Through Pet Connect our donors are able to choose which pet they would like to help. As long as the Pet Connect campaign that’s selected meets our criteria* for receiving funds, then 100% of that donation** will go directly towards that animals care.

    *(Funding must go towards an animal assistance related organization)
    **(After third party processing fees, which you can elect to cover)