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FurFam Pay It Forward Fund The Emergency Fund that never runs out!

For Veterinary Clinics & Animal Hospitals

Does your clinic have clients that struggle to provide the care their animals need?
Does your clinic have to turn people away due to an inability to pay?
Does your clinic have a program set up for these situations?
If you have an existing Emergency Fund, do your clients who use the fund help replenish the money used?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, FurFam can help!

At FurFam we believe that “Pets are Family”. We also believe people shouldn’t have to choose between paying the bills and caring for their pet due to financial hardship. By becoming a FurFriend  we will provide  you with a “Pay It Forward Fund”. Through FurFam, your clinic will have access to this fund to be able to help clients in need.

Why you need a “Pay it Forward Fund”

  1. You will no longer need to turn clients who can’t pay away. Whether it’s through Pet Connect or the Pay It Forward Fund, now there is a way to help.
  2. Provide your clients and community with an easy way to make tax deductible contributions to help your clinic.
  1. People can choose to make one-time or recurring donations to your fund.
  1. Individuals can create online fundraisers on behalf of your fund. These can be easily shared via social media with friends, family and clients to help raise money.
  1. We call it a self-replenishing fund because we ask every client that receives help through your clinic to give thanks by sharing your fund via their social media. Any money raised during their thank you effort allows your clinic to help the next animal in need. That way you and your clients can “Pay it Forward”.

With a “Pay It Forward Fund”, your clinic will be better equipped to show compassion when your clients need it most!

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What FurFam does for you:

  • Pet Connect – connecting clients in need with their friends and family and our network of donors.
  • Pay It Forward Fund – a fund for partnering clinics to use on clients with unforeseen vet bills.
  • Tax receipts for donors.
  • A web link for your Pay It Forward Fund that can easily be added to your website  and that allows you to easily accept donations.
  • Promotional materials.
  • Recognition for your clinic on our website.
  • Expert level fundraising and marketing consulting.
  • Funding for pet care services.

The Clinic’s Role:

  • Partner with us by joining the FurFriend network.
  • Link your Pay It Forward Fund to your website.
  • Introduce potential donors to your Pay it Forward Fund.
  • Refer clients who need financial help to sign up for Pet Connect at
  • Help clients in need with funds available to you.
  • Submit online reimbursement form for care you have provided.

Participating Pet Owner’s Role:

  • Tell their story on Pet Connect and share it via social media.
  • Set up a small recurring donation to FurFam.
  • Agree to share photos and/or video of their pet with FurFam for promotional purposes.
  • Thank the clinic/donor for helping by sharing a Pay It Forward Fund via social media after care is provided.